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Welcome to our website. We are passionate about Traditional Timber Framed Buildings - be they temporary or permanent. Our Travelling Barns and Timber Stage are unique structures that create "the illusion of permanence" for your event.

Manufacture. We have been busy manufacturing and building traditional timber frames, and will be continuing to do so for 2021. Please get in touch if you have any ideas!

We are looking forward to getting back on the road in 2021 and bringing our structures to events across the country.


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The Travelling Barn

Uses of The Barn

The Travelling Barn can and has been used for a variety of events, functions, festivals and weddings.

Facts and Figures

Technical Aspects

The Mission of the Travelling Barn has been to revive, revitalise and popularise heritage Timber Framing skills and ancient building techniques, and to adapt it to the temporary structure arena. We have sought to bring the timeless integrity of traditional timber framing into the visual vernacular of the Festival scene - one so dominated with aluminium, plastic, scaffold and ply.

Click Here to Download technical drawings and floor plan.


The Size

The whole structure is 20.2m long and 14.4m wide, with a stage section at the back giving you 290 square metres (3,400 square feet) of covered space. An total area of ground 24m by 18m is required including guy ropes.



The structure is of English Douglas Fir with curved oak braces in the cross frames. The Canvas is manufactured in Poly Cotton which has aged beautifully in the sun into a cream colour.



The Barn can comfortably accommodate 250 seated and 600 standing.
The Barn has a Stage Section that can fit a 16' x 16' Stage, under the specially designed "Hip Roof".
The Isles are 3.5 Meters wide allowing for a full length bar.



We have brought traditional timber framing technology to a modern and innovative design. All the peg holes are the standard three quarter inches meaning that in many years’ time when the structure is decommissioned, the timber frame can be recycled and re-used as a permanent structure with oak pegs. The through-tenons on the tie beams are secured with oak wedges.

Build and Travel

It takes a full day (10 - 12 hours) to set up the Travelling Barn with a team of 6 people. It takes a shorter time to take down - at least 6 hours.

Access and Parking - The Barns travels on a 7.5t Flatbed lorry (equivalent to a Scaffolding Lorry). We have a crane lorry that raises the timbers. However, since we have 2 Travelling Barns, we may ask to borrow or hire in a telehandler.

The Ground - we need an almost level area to set up on. We have a tolerance of 1 meter across the entire span of the building from Front to Back.

Floor Plan

The Travelling Barn.

The Travelling Barn

The Timber Stage

The Timber Stage is designed to house a 16x24 foot stage deck, within the actual timber frame. The stage can be enlarged if it is extended into, and under, the canvas "isles" on the sides of the timber frame.

Please Click here to view plans of The Timber Stage.


Minimum hire price of The Travelling Barn for a weekend (Tuesday - Monday) is £8000 + VAT not including flooring, lights or linings. We then need to quote for delivery and installation charges. These vary across the season and across the country. Please get in touch and we can provide a quote.

Our usual Summer Hire Period runs Tuesday - Monday. We build on a Tuesday (9am-6pm) and Break the following Monday (starting latest 1pm, leaving time to de-rig dressings). If your hire is for a longer period, our minimum hire fee is £10K for 2 weekends.

Summer 2021 Availability

Fingers and Toes crossed for all your events in 2021!

We did publish available dates here, but things change all the time. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a hire.

The Travelling Barn

Thank you for visiting our Website! We are now on Instagram! @TheTravellingBarn


Thank you for visiting our Website. We are not on Facebook or Twitter, but we are now on Instagram! @TheTravellingBarn

A Wedding in Oxfordshire

View From Outside1


Plaited Ivy3

Table Plan4

The Travelling Barn set up for a wedding in Oxfordshire in 2014

Our crew were able to help the couple by laying a solid wooden floor throughout the structure, and by carpeting it. We used a roll of calico to line the inside of the barn, bunching it up into ruffles at the opening.

The bride and groom had a florist decorate the timbers with plaited ivy, which looked splendid.

Wilderness Festival

Roller Disco1

Stage Section2


In Full Swing4

The Travelling Barn is a regular feature and music stage at Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park, in Oxfordshire. It has visited the festival 4 times and hosted hundreds of bands and entertained thousands of people.

Festivals: Glastonbury, Camp Bestival, No.6, Secret Garden Party, etc

Camp Bestival


Secret Garden Party

Festival No.6

The Travelling Barn has appeeared at Bestival, Camp Bestival, Glade, Glastonbury Festival, GrillStock, Festival No. 6, Secret Garden Party, Somersault, TreeFest, Tafwyl, Just So, Timber, Houghton, BoomTown, RHS Flower Shows, Black Deer, Kendal Calling, Shambala, Wilderness, Fire in the Mountain, Neighbourhood Weekender, amongst a few others!

A Wedding in Devon


Isle Bar2

Timber Detail3

Flower Detail4

The Travelling Barn at a Wedding in Devon.

The Travelling Stage

At Night1


Being Built3

The Family4

Photos from the first ever use of The Travelling Stage at Fire in the Mountain festival June 2016

Just So Festival 2017 Mainstage

Credit to TenEight1

Credit to Andrew Allcock2

Credit to Chris Payne3

Credit to Mark Carline4

The Timber Stage as the Just So Festival Mainstage, 2017


Liverpool Requiem